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Barcelona 1998-2007

The St Michael’s Barcelona trip has been taking place since 1998, year of the Euro Championships in France.

Each trip has been a wonderful experience for all involved, punctuated by some interesting, funny and memorable moments along the way.

Our first visit meant a 34 hour coach journey each way, resulting in a rich array of odours and a lot of tired but happy pupils and staff arriving in Lloret de Mar. Mr Hornby and Dr Maclean however sought a modicum of home comfort and established their practice of commandeering the aisles for as a bed for the night.

Visits to Las Ramblas, Camp Nou, Port Aventura etc proved great successes in the first year and also in later years too.

Subsequent trips also saw us use coach travel and on one occasion share this with a group of pupils and their teacher, Mrs Morrison, from Irvine Royal Academy. This was an outstanding experience for everyone involved, especially the day spent at Montserrat.

Since then pupils and staff have travelled by double decker coach and most recently by plane. This has cut down on travelling time and meant everyone arrives in situ much fresher - something we are all grateful for!

Thankfully we have had no major mishaps but have had our share of minor injuries including Shaun Rowe walking through a patio door. Mr Hornby and Mr Sheerins, in giving bloodied Shaun a chair lift to the medical centre, opened the lift door to be met by a phalanx of Japanese tourists – all with cameras and keen to take snaps for the folks back home.

The trip has always been a life-affirming experience, primarily because of the goodwill, trust and co-operation that exists between staff and pupils – oh, and yes, the great weather too!

Mr R M Sheerins

A lasting memory – one of my male teachers in a dress and make-up, singing and dancing, on the last night in the hotel. (Emma Lindsay)

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