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Comenius Project : Travellers & Tourists : Images of Europe

This three-year project involved eight schools, the others being in Italy (IISS Fioritto and IISS L. Di Poppa), in Portugal (Escola Profissional de Setubal), in Iceland (Vernennta-skolinn), in Germany (Berufliche Schulen Lampertheim), in Sweden (De la Gardiegymnasiet) and in Spain (IES Juniper Serra). Each year the focus of the project shifted to look at a different aspect of the title.

In Year One, schools, depending on the context of the local area and its experience of Travellers and Tourists, looked at the impressions of early travellers to the area and/or the attractions of their area for the present day tourist. In St Michael’s Academy pupils in the Travel and Tourism course looked more at the present day attractions for tourists although the teachers in the department decided to pursue the more difficult task of looking at early travellers. The Geography and Modern Languages department were involved in year 1.

Year Two focused on national cuisine, dress and music and involved the Home Economics and Music Departments. We also hosted a Comenius conference in May 2006 when our partner schools came to us in Scotland.

In Year Three, the focus returned to travellers and tourism and looked at how this has impacted their area particularly on Arran.


right: Mrs R Anderson and Mrs P Daly on a Comenius visit to Iceland;

above: (back row) Mrs A McCabe, Mr J McLaughlin and Mrs J Hemming with Comenius partners in Italy


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