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this page includes a list of productions 1972-2006

From Stage To Stage – Drama at St Michael’s

One-act plays have a long history at St Michael’s – from the 1960s if not earlier. They include entries to the Ayrshire Schools Drama Festival (until it ended in 1984) and to the SCDA Festival (1992-2006). Authors tackled included Caryl Churchill, Gunter Grass, Ionesco, Shakespeare, Aristophanes, Ayckbourn, Woody Allen and Anouilh. A few seniors took up the challenge of directing. Performances were also staged in primary school halls, in East Kilbride Village Theatre, at a Robert Service Dinner in a marquee at Montgreenan Hotel, even in St John Ogilvie Church; St Michael’s casts experienced a wide range of drama. Directors included Mr C Cassidy, Mr I Dickson, Mr J Farrell, Mrs M McArthur, Miss M McLaughlin and Miss M O’Donnell. Drama Club outings included a Stratford weekend and a backstage tour of the Traverse. The happy faces and the regular trophies bear witness to the skills and confidence which an extra-curricular drama club can provide.

“A confident crowd of young people” was how the SCDA adjudicator described the 1995 Youth Trophy winners – (from top left) Charlene Westcott, Richard Locke, Heather McMonigle, Hugh Wallace, David Mackay, Elaine Gill, Mr Dickson, Angela McCafferty, Catherine Harton, Sharon McNeil, Clare McQuade, Thomas Cairney, Debbie Maguire, Beatrice Blackett, Diane Brown, Denise Delany, Paul Moore, Pamela Holden, Nicola Reid, Louise Thompson, & Christopher Wilson
The 1999 Youth Trophy winners who performed the extremely challenging Act 1 of “Top Girls” by Caryl Churchill – (from top left) Margaret Boyle, Michelle Rainey, Laura Boyle, Kathleen Cook, Louise Brown, Lisa Breslin and Elaine Shepherd – after the Palace Theatre, they performed in the Ryan Theatre, Stranraer, and performed the whole full-length play at the Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine; Pamela Holden missed this photograph.
The Drama Club team who won TWO trophies (Youth and Team Acting) for “Why Can’t I Be A Teenager In Love?” in 2001: (from left) Kevin Murphy, Lisa Reid, Sam Lewis, Martin Clugston, Michelle Rainey, Yvonne Shepherd, Fiona Johnston, Paul Harvey, Louise Thompson, (middle:) Ross McCubbin, David Downie, (front:) Roisin McGale, Brooke Stewart, Peter Stevenson, Suzanne McKee, Lynsey Ann McAuley. They then performed the play at Castle Douglas and, somewhat controversially, at the St Michael’s Summer Concert.
The 2004 Drama Club after winning the Youth Trophy for “Happy Ever After”, which they then took to East Kilbride – (from top left) Stephanie Tomnay, Kevin Murphy, Miss M O’Donnell, Kellie Sheerin, Martin Clugston, Rory Brown, Kirstin Hornby, Mr I Dickson, (middle:) Lauren Moir, Claire Neilan, Jane Brown, Natalie Taylor, Nicki McLean, Kevin Dolan, (front:) June Henderson, Katie Garrigan, Melissa Backman, and Reema Shafiq. Fiona Rainey & Emma Davidson missed the photo.

and a list of 1972-2006 productions - you may remember one or more of them
(this did not appear in the book - it is an extra for the web site)
(dates, trophies, and well-known authors are highlighted in bold)

1972 – "Woman Alive" at Harbour Arts Centre (one-act play), part of a Junior Drama Night presented jointly by St Michael's and Ravenspark Academies
1973 – “The Master Key” by Wilfred Massey (dir. by John Kelly) at ADSDA (Ayr Divisional Schools Drama Association) Festival at Mainholm Academy
1974 (May) - "27 Tree Road" - sketch at Harbour Arts Centre for Junior Evening (organised by I J Dickson) presented by New Town Academies
1974 (June) - "The Doomsday Show" by George MacBeth & J S Bingham, at Harbour Arts Centre (double bill with Ardrossan Academy) (dir. Mrs I Smith)
1975 – "Choice Moment" by seniors at ADSDA (dir. by Mr Cassidy) highly commended; and an S2 entry, winners of the playlet section
1979 (June) - "Tam O'Shanter" for 10 speakers (adapted & dir. by I J Dickson)
1980 (Mar.) - "What Are You Doing Here?" by David Campton, winners of senior shield (out of 7 entries) at ADSDA (dir. Mr Dickson, assisted by Miss M McLaughlin)
1980 (Dec) - "The Nativity" - promenade version of York Mystery Play (dir. Mr Dickson)
1981 (Mar) - "Ernie's Incredible Illucinations" by Alan Ayckbourn, runners-up in ADSDA junior section (dir. Mr Dickson) and "Temptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded" by Winifred Phelps, a Victorian melodrama, entry in senior section (dir.MMcL)
The pre-festival performance in school also included a scene from Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" (Act IV Sc 1) (dir. Mr P Dorrian), "Jim" by Hilaire Belloc (two-person reading), "Free Activity Period" by Joyce Grenfell, and "Waiting for the Train" by Mabel & Denis Constanduros (dir. pupil C. Craig)
1981 (May) - workshop session with New England Repertory Theatre students
1981 (June) - participation in Kilwinning Round Table and Irvine Trades Galas
1981 (June) - 10-minute item for prizegiving (incl. Muppets, Hamlet, etc)
1981 (Dec) - "Sing a Song of Sixpence" panto by Norman Robbins (dir. Mr Dickson, asstd by Mr F J Farrell; mus. dir. Mr J Gow) (cast over 100, audiences over 1500)
1982 (Mar) - three Festival plays: "If You're Glad I'll be Frank" by Tom Stoppard, (seniors, dir. Mr Dickson) and "Captain Blackboot's Island" by Patricia Wood (juniors, dir. FJF) and "Keep Calm" by Louis Goodrich (seniors, dir. by pupils C Craig & A McMillan for their Duke of Edinburgh Award (Drama)). [The perform-ance in school also included a sketch "We come up from Mummerset" (dir. senior pupil Catherine Grant, for her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.] [The two pupil directed items were also in Kilwinning Academy Easter Concert.]
1982 (June) - "Mother Figure" (sketch) by Alan Ayckbourn, for prizegiving
1982 (Dec) - joint Music Dept & Drama Club concert, including: "The Mercy of Herod" by Derrick Hughes (seniors dir. by Mrs M Farrell, asstd by Miss McCourt, now Mrs McArthur) and "The Pantomime Play" by Douglas Jackson (juniors dir. Mr Dickson, asstd by Miss C Murphy, now Mrs Maguire, and Mrs M Davie) - the latter toured to St Winning's and St Bridget's Primaries. Primary performances also included a 15-minute potted panto "Forty Winks Beauty".
1983 (Mar) - "The Bald Prima Donna" by Eugene Ionesco, for ASDSA senior section (dir. by Mr Dickson, asstd by MMcC)
1983 (Dec) - "Hickory Dickory Dock" panto by Norman Robbins (dir. Mr Dickson, asstd by MMcC, mus. dir. Mrs A Adamson) (over 100 pupils) (audiences about 1500)
1984 (Mar, at ASDSA) - "Us and Them" by David Campton (dir. by Mr Dickson), winners of the Junior Trophy and "Wife Required" by Falkland Cary & Philip King, performed by S3(?) Drama class (dir. by Mrs A O'Neill) and "15-minute Hamlet" by Tom Stoppard, directed and performed by seniors of Drama Club.
The 1984 Festival was the last Ayrshire schools Drama Festival. There were only four entries: three from St Michael's and one from Kyle Academy. Our Drama Club won the junior cup, and Kyle won the senior cup.
1984 (June) - Roadshow, six sketches performed in classrooms (dir. Mr Dickson & MMcC)
[1985/1986/1987/1988 – many extra-curricular activities suspended]
1989 (Dec) - revival of “Forty Winks Beauty" 15-min. potted panto, for performances in classes (dir. Mr Dickson, MMcC & Mrs S Karling, now Mrs Taylor)
1990 (Mar) - for Glasgow City of Culture year, a joint production with Harbour Arts Centre of "The Birds" by Aristophanes (translated and directed by Mr Dickson, asstd by MMcC & SK) (cast & crew of 50 pupils & adults)
1990 (Dec) - revival of "Captain Blackboot's Island" for Christmas Concert, also for St John Ogilvie's and St Winning's Primaries (dir. Mr Dickson, asstd by MMcC & SK)
1991 (Mar.) – scenes from “First Time” by Kirk Foster & John Gardner (dir. Mr Dickson, asstd by MMcC and SK) - intended for the ASDSA Festival (first to be planned since 1984, but cancelled a few days before when the other entry pulled out.)
1992 (Feb) - First St Michael’s entry in SCDA One-Act Festival (later prompting other youth entries and a Youth Trophy) - “Play The Game” by Bill Tordoff (dir. Mr Dickson) and a revival of “Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations” (dir. MMcC) - the plays were also performed in the Harbour Arts Centre in March.
1993 (Feb) - “Arthur” by David Cregan (juniors, cast of 20; dir. MMcC) and “Twenty Minutes in a Street” by Beatrice Mayor (seniors, cast of 23; dir. Mr Dickson) in school and at SCDA Festival
1994 (Feb) - “Can You Hear the Music?” by David Campton (juniors dir. MMcC) and “The Orchestra” by Jean Anouilh (seniors dir. by Mr Dickson), winners of the new SCDA Ayrshire Youth Trophy (hijacked from defunct ADSDA by Mr Dickson)
1995 (Feb) - revival of “What Are You Doing Here?” (seniors dir. by Mr Dickson) - winners of Ayrshire Youth Trophy
1996 (Feb) - “Whuppitystoorie” by Robert Kemp (dir. by Mr Dickson)
1997 (Feb) - “You, Me and Mrs Jones” by Tony Horitz (dir. by Mr Dickson)
1998 (Feb) - Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” excerpts (dir. by Mr Dickson)
1998 (June) - S6 boys (not Drama Club) - “Twelve Angry Men” by Reginald Rose
1998 (June) - revival of sketch “Waiting for the Train” in summer concert
1999 (Feb) - “Top Girls” (scene 1) by Caryl Churchill (seniors dir. by Mr Dickson) winners of the Ayrshire Youth Trophy, placed 7th out of 15 entries (incl. adults) and a re-revival of "Captain Blackboot's Island" (cast of 24 juniors dir. by Mr Dickson).
1999 (Mar.) - “Top Girls” (full-length play) performed by senior Drama Club
1999 (Apr.) - “Top Girls” (scene 1) performed at First Festival of Youth (the first ‘next round’ for youth) at Stranraer
2000 (Feb.) - “Death” by Woody Allen (17 juniors, dir. by Mr Dickson) and “After Midnight, Before Dawn” by David Campton (6 seniors, dir. by S6 pupils Lisa Breslin and Margaret Boyle) - winners of Ayrshire Youth Trophy, 6th equal out of 13 entries, and going on to the second round at Kilmarnock, in March.
2000 (June & Sept.) - “The Shooting of Dan McGrew” and “The Ballad of How McPherson held the Floor” performed first at the Summer Concert, then at the £50-a-head Robert Service Dinner in a marquee at Montgreenan House Hotel.
2001 (Feb) - “Why Can’t I be a Teenager in Love” by Andra Bishop (theme: teenage pregnancy) (dir. Mr Dickson) - winners of the Ayrshire Youth Trophy and joint winners of the Team Acting Trophy, placed 5th out of 16, and going on to the second round at Castle Douglas in March.
2001 (June) - “Why Can’t I be a Teenager in Love” included in Summer Concert
2001 (Sept.) – poem at 2nd Robert Service Dinner – “It’s Later Than You Think”
2002 (Feb.) – “Alky” by Jerome McDonough (theme: alcoholism) (dir. Mr Dickson) at SCDA Festival
2002 (Mar.) trip to see “Helmet” at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
2002 (June) trip to see Scottish Youth Final at Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh
2002 (Sept.) – poem at 3rd Robert Service Dinner – “Domestic Scene”
2002 (Nov.) - invitation performance of “Molly Whuppie and the Double-Faced Ogre” by Ron Nicol in play festival at Village Theatre, East Kilbride
2003 (Feb.) - “Dog House” by Gina Moxley (theme: child physical abuse) (dir. by Mr Dickson) at SCDA Festival.
2003 (Mar.) - Drama Club team gets to Glasgow Final of Rotary YouthSpeak
2004 - “Happy Ever After” by Andra Bishop (theme: family relationships) (juniors dir. by Miss M O’Donnell, asstd by Mr Dickson), winners of the Ayrshire Youth Trophy, placed 6th out of 15, and going to the second round at East Kilbride and “Only Ten Minutes to Buffalo” by Gunter Grass (seniors dir. by Mr Dickson)
2005 - "Skin and Bones" by Andra Bishop (theme: anorexia) (directed by Miss O'Donnell) [the school performance included a staged reading of 'What Are You Doing here']
2006 - "Thirty Minutes in a Street" by Beatrice Mayor (directed by Miss O'Donnell) and "Computer Pals" by Hindi Brooks (directed by Miss O'Donnell & Mr Dickson), winner of the James B Love Trophy for Highest Marks in Youth Acting (the cast of two was Louise Cullinane and Kevin Murphy)

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