Irvine Burns Club (est. 1826)

'Wellwood', 28 Eglinton St., Irvine, KA12 8AS - Map
Adm. free - Oct-Mar: Sat. 2.00-5.00
Apr-Sept: Wed/Fri/Sat 2.00-5.00

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Irvine Burns Club - Irvine Burns Club past and present, incl. Presidents from 1826

Robert Burns & Irvine - Burns in 1781, flax-dressing, Capt Brown, bookseller Templeton, the Irvine statue of 1896

What we offer - audio-visual, murals, stained glass, manuscripts, books, Honorary Members, the 2009 bronze, and much else

Contacts and links - Burns resources, links to other clubs, subscription sign-up, etc

Irvine history - things to see in Irvine, special history features, and a link to our Harbour Heritage project

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