School visits
& verse-speaking

Irvine Burns Club runs a programme of special openings for primary pupils during January and February. It also organises a verse-speaking competition in Feb./March.
During Covid, visits were not possible, but are expected to return in 2023.

school visit

School visits programme

Over the last ten years over 6000 pupils have visited the museum in January and February. In 2019, 600 Primary Six children from sixteen schools were welcomed to our historical and audio-visual presentations, examining our artifacts and learning about Burns, Irvine and Irvine Burns Club. The visits are supported by our directors, assisted by Irvine Lasses Burns Club, and are well received. The programme is regularly reviewed and updated.

half-day visits 9.30 - 12.00

over 6,000 primary pupils in ten years

Melissa Anderson

Verse-speaking competition

This competition is open to Irvine area primary schools, and most of the eleven schools take part. Entrants, around 110 each year, are those successful in each school’s internal Burns poetry competition. It takes place over two to three days in late February, and some winners continue into the Ayrshire Association and World Federation competitions. The programme is supported by Irvine Burns Club directors with help from Irvine Lasses Burns Club. Awards go to First and Second winners at each year stage and every participant receives a certificate.
Winners 2021 (not pictured)P1 -P4 (Any Scots Poem): HATTIE McCLORY (Glebe Primary), KATIE McCUBBIN (Woodlands Primary), ISLA HOBSON (Woodlands Primary) 
P5 - P7 (Any Burns Poem): LAUREN WYLIE (Glebe Primary),
ISOBEL DUNLOP (Woodlands Primary), LOUIE BOYD (Woodlands Primary)
Pictured: A previous winner, Melissa Anderson, now at Greenwood Academy, addressing the haggis at the 2020 Annual Celebration.

Enjoy Melissa Anderson's renditions on YouTube

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