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Bailie Fullarton ('Provost Pawkie') 
Burns in Edinburgh (C M Hardie) 
Eglinton, 13th Earl (Archibald)  
Paterson, Provost John 
Tam o' Shanter (Angus Scott) 
Tam o' Shanter woodcuts 
The Vision (J E Christie) 

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Presidents (1826-present) 
Club Founders (1826) 
Honorary members (1828-present) 
Anderson, Melissa - 'To a Haggis' 
Bradbury, Sue (stained glass artist) 
Brown, Capt. Richard, friend of Burns 
Buchan, Mrs Elspeth 
Butler, Jim - 'To a Mouse' 
Fleeming, Dr., attended Burns in 1781 
Gaw, Sam K - 'Tam o' Shanter' 
Gordon, Duchess of 
Gray, Capt. Charles, RM 
Hardie, C M, artist 
Herriot, Alan Beattie, sculptor 
Irvine Lasses Burns Club 
Lucky, Paul (stained glass artist) 
Macgillivray, Pittendrigh, sculptor 
McClure, Capt. David (1799) 
Mackenzie, Dr John 
McNaughtan, Adam 
McPike, Willie - 'Epistle to Davie' 
Odling, Ted & Elizabeth, artists 
Rhodes, John (of Sheffield) (1869) 
Scott, Angus 
Sillar, David, first Vice-President 
Templeton, William (bookseller, 1781) 
Wilson, Clement 


Burns locations in Irvine 
Drukken Steps 
Glasgow Vennel 
Heckling Shed 
Irvine Old Parish Church graveyard 
Milne's Inn 
Burns statue on Irvine Moor 
Wellwood - the building 
Wellwood - video introduction 
1297 Memorial 

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Poetry & MSS
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Other artefacts

Coat of Arms (what might have been) 
'Independent Minds' by Alan B Herriot 
Lauder's Tearoom panels 
Murals by Ted & Elizabeth Odling 
Parian Ware 
'Planter' cup 
RNLI barometer 
'Sheffield' Loving Cup 
Sillar christening cup 
Stained glass (three locations) 
Templeton chair 
Items in wood 

Poetry & MSS

Epistle to Davie - Willie McPike 
Address to a Haggis - on location in 2021
Address to a Haggis - Melissa Anderson 
Tam o' Shanter - Sam K Gaw
To a Mouse - Jim Butler 
The Twa Dogs - S K Gaw, J Inglis & W McPike 
1st edition MSS held by Irvine Burns Club 
Letters from Burns to David Sillar - in prep.

Projects etc

Annual Celebration 1971 video 
Centenary celebrations (1926) 
Dear Mr Burns exhibition (2009) 
Forever 19 (2016) 
Harbourside Heritage (2012-17) 
Library catalogue 
Masterclass series (1996) 
Wits Dinners 

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Other Burns

Wellwood events 
Arranging a visit 
Chinese Channel at the Annual Celebration 
Irvine Lasses Burns Club 
Other resources on the web 
Music evenings 
School visits 
Website testimonials 
Wellwood library catalogue 

Other Irvine

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Town trail - 32 stops of interest 
Royal Burgh items from the 1600s 
Harbour Arts Centre: first 40 years 
Irvine Carters Society history 
Seagate Rotary: first 30 years 
St Michael's Academy 1921-2007 
The screw propeller - Irvine inventor? 

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  • Wellwood Burns Centre & Museum
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